Mental Health Raw and Open Podcast

Mental Health Raw and Open with special guest Caroline Cook

January 23, 2020

Hi and welcome to Season 2 of Mental Health Raw and Open. On today's episode, we will chat with Caroline Cook, PTSD sufferer, and mental health advocate. Caroline works hard to educate the masses about the seriousness of TBI's, and she helps Vets who are facing numerous challenges upon their return home.

You can contact Caroline at:


Twitter: @CarolineMCook1 and @oneworldonepeo1 and @globalvetswalk


Thank you for listening and taking the time from your day to learn something new. Please feel free to share the podcast with anyone that may find it helpful.

Until then, take care and be well.

Jody Betty TIPS, CCR

@onelastkick71 and @bwpeersupport

Owner of Brave Wings Trauma and Crisis Informed Online Group Peer Support. Private groups starting the first week of February. Please contact me for further information.

Music by Jay Superior