Mental Health Raw and Open Podcast

Mental Health Raw and Open with special guest Rosie Cappuccino

December 5, 2019

Hi, and welcome to another episode of Mental Health Raw and Open. On today's show, we will chat with a friend of mine from overseas, Rosie Cappuccino, in London, England. Rosie and I met on Twitter and found we had a lot in common, with us both afflicted with BPD. (Borderline Personality Disorder) In this episode, we will talk about BPD, and how it has affected our lives.

Rosie writes about BPD in her blog 

Rosie can be found on Twitter at:  @TalkingAboutBPD 

Thank you again for spending your time with us, and if you learn something new, please feel free to share the podcast. 

Until then, be well and take care.

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